Applebum 2019 Opening Party / Animated Promotion Video

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The Applebum brand is a Midnight Movement creation. A music and events company created by us through our common love of Hip Hop culture. The sounds, fashion, art and characters have always been a fascination of ours. In 2014 we decided to conceptualise a party brand that delivered all the fun, creativity and attitude that we love about Hip Hop culture.


In our most recent rebrand we created illustrations of key Hip Hop characters from across the generations, together with elements that represent different aspects of the culture. These illustrations are then used to create patterns for each of our events and are animated in playful ways, often alongside hero video imagery and rotoscoped video content. 

In the summer of 2018 Midnight Movement also produced a bespoke Mobile App for our Ibiza takeover series of events. See the video below give a full explanation of how the App worked.

Contributing Artists: Mike Winnard (Illustrator), Daniel Watson (Videographer), Danny Beck (illustration), Ian Walsh (Design & Illustration)

Video demonstrating our "Applebum Ibiza App"

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